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ONLINE COURSE and course material to
  • Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (Course 2004D), see CFD-days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Newer courses about CFD and other courses about MPI, OpenMP, HPF, and advanced topics in parallel programming can be found here
Based on HLRS Parallel Programming Workshops we made the total course material online available. It includes the full audio information.


2004D, : A live recording of the lectures in the courses 2004 with german audio information is available as:
lec: Lecturnity presentation (.lpd) file. The Lecturnity Player can be downloaded from here Starting those .lpd files needs some time for loading and starting - please be patient. Some files start automatically with playing, some start only after pressing the PLAY button.
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12:00 (1:30)    Lunch
[CFD03]   13:30 (1:00) M   Categorization of the Equations of Fluid Flow [CFD03] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
[CFD04]   14:30 (1:00) M   Practical (Flow around a Wedge Profile) [CFD04] 2005D: PDF
15:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD04]   16:00 (1:30) M   Practical (Grid Generation and Validation of CFD solutions) [CFD04] 2005D: PDF
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
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9:00 - 17:30, CFD - The core of FV schemes: Flux Functions and Riemann solver
[CFD05]    9:00 (1:15) M   Overview: FD, FV and FE Methods [CFD05] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
10:15 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD06]   10:45 (0:45) M   The Shock Tube - Godunov's Method [CFD06] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
[CFD07]   11:30 (0:30) M   Practical (Godunov's Method / Introduction into the CFD Code) [CFD07] (practical) 2005D: PDF
12:00 (1:30)    Lunch
[CFD08]   13:30 (0:30) M   Flux Functions and Riemann Solvers (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
[CFD09]   14:00 (1:00) M   Practical (Roe's Riemann Solver) 2005D: PDF
15:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD08]   15:30 (0:30) M   HLLE and Flux-Vector-Splitting Methods (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
[CFD09]   14:00 (1:00) M   Practical (HLLE and Flux-Vector-Splitting Methods) 2005D: PDF
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
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9:00 - 17:30, CFD - Integration exercise: From Flux functions to a complete 2D-Code
[CFD10]    9:00 (0:45) M   The MUSCL Scheme [CDF10] 2005D: lec rm PDF
[CFD11]   9:45 (1:00) M   Practical (The MUSCL Scheme) (practical) 2005D: PDF
10:45 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD12]   11:15 (1:00) M   Arbitrary High Order Schemes [CFD12] (talk) 2005D: PDF
12:15 (1:15)    Lunch
[CFD13]   13:30 (1:30) M   Multi Dimensions [CFD13] (talk+practical) 2005D: lec rm PDF PDF Aufgabe
15:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD13]   15:30 (1:30) M   Boundary Conditions [CFD13] (talk+practical) 2005D: lec rm PDF PDF Aufgabe
[CFD14]   17:00 (0:30) M   Practical (Time Step Control) 2005D: PDF
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
x!-- Zeile NICHT aendern --x
9:00 - 16:00, CFD - From the Euler Equations to the Navier-Stokes Equations
[CFD15]    9:00 (1:30) M    Implicit Methods [CFD15] (talk) 2005D: PDF
10:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD16]   11:00 (1:00) M    The Extension to the Navier-Stokes Equations [CFD16] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
12:00 (1:30)    Lunch
[CFD18]   13:30 (1:00) M    Turbulence [CFD18] (talk) 2005D:
14:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD19]   15:00 (1:00) M    Incompressible Methods and Aeroacoustics [CFD19] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
x!-- Zeile NICHT aendern --x
9:00 - 16:00, CFD - Extensional themes
[CFD20]    9:00 (1:00) M    Parallelization [CFD20] (talk) 2005D: lec rm PDF
10:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD20]   10:30 (1:00) M    Parallelization [CFD20] (talk)


11:30   (0:30) MParallelization of the Exercise Code [CFD21] (talk)
12:00 (1:30)    Lunch
[CFD22]   13:30 (1:30) M    Best Practice Guidlines [CFD22] (talk)  2005D: lec rm PDF
[ ]   15:00 (1:00) M    Discussion
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
9:00 - 17:30, CFD - Introductions (recording from 2004-D)
[1]    9:00 (0:30) M   Introduction
[CFD01]    9:30 (1:00) M   The Underlying Equations, Part 1 [CFD01] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
10:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD01]   11:00 (1:30) M   The Underlying Equations, Part 2 [CFD01] (talk)
12:30 (1:00)    Lunch
[CFD02]   13:30 (1:00) M   The One-Dimensional Euler Equations [CFD02] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
[LINUX]   14:30 (0:30) M   Short Introduction to Linux [Linux] (talk) 2004D: PDF
15:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD-P1]   15:30 (0:30) M   Introducing Practical: Flow around a wedge profile [Project 1] (talk) 2004D: PDF
[CFD-P1]   16:00 (0:30) M   Practical (Applying a existing software package) [Project 1]
[CFD-P1]   16:30 (0:30) M   Practical (Validation: Getting an analytic solution) [Project 1]
[CFD-P1]   17:00 (0:30) M   Practical (Generating alternative meshes) [Project 1]
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
9:00 - 17:30, CFD - The core of FV schemes: Flux Functions and Riemann solver (recording from 2004-D)
[CFD03]    9:00 (1:30) M   Flux functions and Riemann solver, Part 1 [CFD03] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
10:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD03]   11:00 (1:30) M   Flux functions and Riemann solver, Part 2 [CFD03] (talk)
12:30 (1:00)    Lunch
[ 9]   13:30 (0:30) L   Access to the federal high-performance computing-centers (talk) 2004B: lec rm PDF
[Fortran]   14:00 (0:30) M   Short Introduction to Fortran [Fortran] (talk) 2004D: PDF
[CFD-P2]   14:30 (1:00) M   Practical: Programming the flux functions [Project 2] 2004D: PDF
15:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD-P2]   16:00 (1:30) M   Practical: Validation Sod [Project 2]
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
9:00 - 17:30, CFD - Integration exercise: From Flux functions to a complete 2D-Code (recording from 2004-D)
[CFD-P2]    9:00 (1:30) M   Discussion of previous day's results [Project 2] (practical+discussion)
10:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD04]   11:00 (0:30) M   MUSCL-Algorithm (2. Order in time and space) [CFD04] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
[CFD-P3a]   11:30 (0:30) M   Practical: Programming the higher order 2D code [Project 3a] (practical) 2004D: PDF(3a+3b)
12:00 (1:00)    Lunch
[CFD-P3a]   13:00 (1:30) M   Practical: Programming and validation [Project 3a]
14:30 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD05]   15:00 (1:30) M   2D, Boundary Conditions, Time step control [CFD05] (talk+practical) 2004D: lec rm PDF
[CFD-P3a]   16:30 (1:00) M   Practical (Cont.) [Project 3a]
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
9:00 - 17:30, CFD - High resolution schemes (recording from 2004-D)
[CFD-P3a]    9:00 (1:00) M   Discussion of previous days results [Project 3a] (practical+discussion)
10:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD06]   10:30 (1:30) M   ENO/WENO-Methods [CFD06] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
12:00 (1:00)    Lunch
[CFD-P3b]   13:00 (2:00) M   Practical: Richtmyer-Meshkov instability [Project 3b] (talk+practical) 2004D: PDF(3a+3b)
15:00 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD-P3b]   15:30 (2:00) M   Practical: Richtmyer-Meshkov instability (Cont.) [Project 3b]
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
9:00 - 16:30, CFD - Extensional themes (recording from 2004-D)
[CFD-P3b]    9:00 (0:30) M   Discussion of previous day's results [Project 3b] (practical+discussion)
[CFD07]    9:30 (1:15) M   Implicit methods [CFD07] (talk) 2004D: PDF
10:45 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD08a]   11:15 (1:00) M   Parallelization, Part 1 [CFD08a] (talk) 2004D: lec rm PDF
12:00 (1:00)    Lunch
[CFD08a]   13:15 (1:00) M   Parallelization, Part 2 [CFD08a] (talk)
[CFD08b]   14:15 (0:30) M   Remarks on the Parallelization of the Practical's Code [CFD08b] (talk)
14:45 (0:30)    Coffee
[CFD09]   15:15 (1:00) M   Turbulence [CFD09] (talk)
[ ]   16:15 (0:15) M   Questions and Answers
^-L=low=for beginners, M=middle, H=high=advanced
All practical can be found here.

The setting copy of our standard documents is available here. The documents 1, 2 and 3 are used in this course. Each document is reduced by a factor of 0.707, i.e., two pages of the original standard document is printed on one paper page.

Programming Models
Some links to the HLRS web pages on programming models:
Parallel Programming Models
Services of the Department Parallel Computing and the Working Group Technical and Scientific Computing

Production Procedure
The ONLINE version of this workshop was developed in the framework of 100-online.
Poster 1 and Poster 2 give a first survey of this project.
An overview on the production procedure of the online material can be found here.
An overview of this 100-online project can be found here.

Used Web Tools
The slides were produced with PowerPoint from Microsoft.
The audio .wav files were handled with Acoustica 2.21 from Acon AS.
The .wav files were transformed into .rm files the free RealProcucer Basic.
To combine the slides with the audio information, we used the web tool RUS Presenter. It was developed at the HLRS and is based on the results of
Florian Hermle, Konzeption und Realisierung einer Web-basierten Lernapplikation am Beispiel einer Vorlesung des IAS, Studienarbeit,
at IAS, tutor was Jens Konnertz.

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