How to produce the Parallel Programming Workshop ONLINE

Production Procedure

Each ONLINE presentation of the HLRS ONLINE Parallel Programming Workshop was developed in several steps:

  1. Develop the slides with PowerPoint97 (.ppt files).
  2. Record audio information on a DAT tape and record video on a video tape during a real presentation of the slides by the teaching person.
  3. Copy the audio information from the DAT tapes to digital .wav files, e.g. one .wav file per .ppt file. Use acoustica ( from Acon AS) for recording and editing .wav files.
  4. Split the .wav files with acoustica into one file per slide. Use the video tapes to check, when the audio information must be split. This splitting can be done externally, i.e., without additional information from the teaching person.
  5. The teaching person may check and correct the split .wav audio files.
  6. Use free RealProcucer Basic (from to generate .rm files from the .wav files. Create only ISDN mono quality (it is enough).
  7. Transform the .ppt File into a html presentation with PowerPoint 97 (not with PowerPoint 2000 or later).
  8. Production of the combined slide+audio presentation using the RUS-Presenter (rus_presenter.tar.gz, containing rus_presenter/ and rus_presenter_source/).
  9. Modify the slides/start.html layout to fit your requirements.
  10. Copy total presentation to the Web server.

A very detailed description of the production procedure can be found here.


Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner