Parallel Programming Workshop

The aim of these workshops is to give people who already have some programming experience an introduction into the numerics of linear solvers, computational fluid dynamics, and the basics of parallel programming. The focus is on iterative solvers, the programming models MPI and OpenMP, domain decomposition, load balancing and parallel numerics. Language support is given for Fortran, C and C++.
Message Passing with MPI is the major programming model on large distributed-memory systems in high-performance computing. OpenMP is dedicated to shared memory systems.
Hands-on sessions will allow users to immediately test linear solver programming and to understand what the basic constructs of MPI and OpenMP are meant to do.


The workshops in fall 2009 are given with different focus and locations:

Course CSCS: Aug. 11-13, Manno (CH), CSCS MPI and OpenMP (in English)
Tools WS: Sep. 14-15, Dresden, ZIH 3rd Parallel Tools Workshop
(in German)
Course E: Sep. 14-18 Garching, LRZ Iterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization
(in German)
Course F: Sep. 21-25, Stuttgart, HLRS Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
(in German)
Course G-a: Oct. 12-13, Stuttgart, HLRS Message Passing Interface (MPI) for beginners
(in English if required)
Course G-b: Oct. 14, Stuttgart, HLRS Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP
(in English if required)
Course G-c: Oct. 15-16, Stuttgart, HLRS Advanced topics in parallel programming
(in English if required)
Course UPC/CAF (2): Oct 19, Stuttgart, HLRS Introduction to Unified Parallel C (UPC) and Co-array Fortran (CAF)
(in English)
Course Fortran (2): Oct. 26-30, Stuttgart, HLRS Fortran for Scientific Computing
(in German)
Course H: Nov.30-Dec.2 Jülich, NIC MPI and OpenMP (in German)
Course J: Jan.11-13, 2010 Jülich, NIC MPI and OpenMP (in German)
Online course: the parallel programming workshop is also available as an online-course with all slides and full audio information.
Sequential programming with Fortran, C and C++ in scientific computing, see here
Workshops on CFD packages.
Further scientific workshops and other events at HLRS, see HLRS events.
Courses and events organized by the Gauss Centres for Supercomputing in Germany.

Poster - HLRS Courses and Workshops 2009

Poster with all courses and scientific workshops 2009 organized by HLRS.


The course language is German.
All slides and course materials are in English (except slides of A. Meister and slides of the CFD course).

Responsible for the courses and local organizer in Stuttgart:

Rolf Rabenseifner
Phone: 0711 685 65530

Local organizer in Jülich: Marc-Andre Hermanns, phone 02461 61 2054,
Local organizer in Garching: Matthias Brehm, phone 089 35831 8773,
Local organizer in Manno: Ladina Gilly