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opencover::coVRAnimationManager Class Reference

#include <coVRAnimationManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 coVRAnimationManager ()
 ~coVRAnimationManager ()
void setNumTimesteps (int)
void showAnimMenu (bool visible)
void addSequence (osg::Sequence *seq)
void removeSequence (osg::Sequence *seq)
int getAnimationFrame ()
void requestAnimationFrame (int currentFrame)
void requestAnimationTime (double t)
float getAnimationSpeed ()
void setAnimationSpeed (float speed)
bool animationRunning ()
void enableAnimation (bool state)
void setRemoteAnimationFrame (int currentFrame)
void setRemoteAnimate (bool state)
void setRemoteSynchronize (bool state)
void setOscillate (bool state)
bool isOscillating () const
int getStartFrame () const
void setStartFrame (int frame)
int getStopFrame () const
void setStopFrame (int frame)
int getNumTimesteps ()
void setNumTimesteps (int, const void *who)
void removeTimestepProvider (const void *who)
void setTimestepUnit (const char *unit)
std::string getTimestepUnit () const
void setTimestepBase (double base)
double getTimestepBase () const
void setTimestepScale (double scale)
double getTimestepScale () const
bool keyEvent (int type, int keySym, int mod)
void update ()
vrui::coMenuItemgetMenuButton (const std::string &functionName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coMenuListener
virtual ~coMenuListener ()
virtual void menuPressEvent (coMenuItem *menuItem)
virtual void menuReleaseEvent (coMenuItem *menuItem)

Static Public Member Functions

static coVRAnimationManagerinstance ()


class coVRPluginList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coVRAnimationManager::coVRAnimationManager ( )
opencover::coVRAnimationManager::~coVRAnimationManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::addSequence ( osg::Sequence *  seq)
bool opencover::coVRAnimationManager::animationRunning ( )
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::enableAnimation ( bool  state)
int opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getAnimationFrame ( )
float opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getAnimationSpeed ( )
vrui::coMenuItem* opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getMenuButton ( const std::string &  functionName)
int opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getNumTimesteps ( )
int opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getStartFrame ( ) const
int opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getStopFrame ( ) const
double opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getTimestepBase ( ) const
double opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getTimestepScale ( ) const
std::string opencover::coVRAnimationManager::getTimestepUnit ( ) const
static coVRAnimationManager* opencover::coVRAnimationManager::instance ( )
bool opencover::coVRAnimationManager::isOscillating ( ) const
bool opencover::coVRAnimationManager::keyEvent ( int  type,
int  keySym,
int  mod 
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::removeSequence ( osg::Sequence *  seq)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::removeTimestepProvider ( const void *  who)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::requestAnimationFrame ( int  currentFrame)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::requestAnimationTime ( double  t)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setAnimationSpeed ( float  speed)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setNumTimesteps ( int  )
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setNumTimesteps ( int  ,
const void *  who 
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setOscillate ( bool  state)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setRemoteAnimate ( bool  state)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setRemoteAnimationFrame ( int  currentFrame)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setRemoteSynchronize ( bool  state)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setStartFrame ( int  frame)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setStopFrame ( int  frame)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setTimestepBase ( double  base)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setTimestepScale ( double  scale)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::setTimestepUnit ( const char *  unit)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::showAnimMenu ( bool  visible)
void opencover::coVRAnimationManager::update ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class coVRPluginList

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