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opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor Class Reference

#include <coVR3DTransRotInteractor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 coVR3DTransRotInteractor (osg::Matrix m, float s, coInteraction::InteractionType type, const char *iconName, const char *interactorName, coInteraction::InteractionPriority priority)
virtual ~coVR3DTransRotInteractor ()
virtual void startInteraction ()
virtual void doInteraction ()
virtual void updateTransform (osg::Matrix m)
osg::Matrix getMatrix ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from opencover::coVRIntersectionInteractor
 coVRIntersectionInteractor (float size, coInteraction::InteractionType buttonId, const char *iconName, const char *interactorName, enum coInteraction::InteractionPriority priority)
virtual ~coVRIntersectionInteractor ()
void enableIntersection ()
bool isEnabled ()
void disableIntersection ()
virtual int hit (vrui::vruiHit *hit)
virtual void miss ()
virtual void stopInteraction ()
void show ()
void hide ()
virtual void addIcon ()
virtual void removeIcon ()
int isIntersected ()
bool wasHit ()
osg::Vec3 getHitPos ()
virtual void preFrame ()
char * getInteractorName ()
osg::Matrix getMatrix ()
 class methods for traversing children More...
void setCaseTransform (osg::MatrixTransform *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coAction
 coAction ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~coAction ()
 Destructor. More...
void setFrame (unsigned int frame)
 INTERNAL set the framecounter (used to produce the miss call) More...
unsigned int getFrame () const
 INTERNAL get the framecounter (used to produce the miss call) More...
void setNode (vruiNode *)
 INTERNAL set the node this action belongs to. More...
void addChild (coAction *)
 INTERNAL add a child action. More...
virtual int hitAll (vruiHit *hit)
 INTERNAL same as miss/hit, but do it for all children as well. More...
virtual void missAll ()
 INTERNAL same as miss/hit, but do it for all children as well. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coCombinedButtonInteraction
 coCombinedButtonInteraction (InteractionType type, const std::string &name, InteractionPriority priority=Medium)
virtual ~coCombinedButtonInteraction ()
virtual void setHitByMouse (bool)
virtual bool isMouse () const
virtual vruiMatrixgetHandMatrix () const
virtual bool is2D () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coButtonInteraction
 coButtonInteraction (InteractionType type, const std::string &name, InteractionPriority priority=Medium)
virtual ~coButtonInteraction ()
virtual void cancelInteraction ()
virtual void resetState ()
bool wasStarted () const
bool isRunning () const
bool wasStopped () const
bool isIdle () const
int getWheelCount ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coInteraction
 coInteraction (InteractionType type, const std::string &name, InteractionPriority priority=Medium)
virtual ~coInteraction ()
InteractionState getState () const
InteractionType getType () const
InteractionPriority getPriority () const
int getRemoteLockID () const
void setRemoteLockID (int ID)
void setRemoteLock (bool)
void setRemoteActive (bool)
void requestActivation ()
virtual void setName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool hasPriority ()
virtual void cancelPendingActivation ()
virtual void doActivation ()
virtual void pause ()
virtual const std::string & getName () const
bool activate ()
bool isRegistered ()
void setNotifyOnly (bool flag)
bool isNotifyOnly ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createGeometry ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from opencover::coVRIntersectionInteractor
virtual void keepSize ()
osg::Vec3 restrictToVisibleScene (osg::Vec3)
const osg::Matrix & getPointerMat () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vrui::coCombinedButtonInteraction
virtual void update ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from vrui::coAction
enum  Result { ACTION_DONE = 0x00, ACTION_CALL_ON_MISS = 0x01, ACTION_UNDEF = 0x02 }
- Public Types inherited from vrui::coButtonInteraction
enum  RunningState { StateStarted = 0, StateRunning, StateStopped, StateNotRunning }
- Public Types inherited from vrui::coInteraction
enum  InteractionState {
  Idle = 0, PendingActive, Active, Paused,
  RemoteActive, ActiveNotify, Stopped
enum  InteractionPriority {
  Low = 0, Navigation, NavigationHigh, Medium,
  High, Menu, Highest
enum  InteractionType {
  ButtonA = 0, ButtonB, ButtonC, ButtonD,
  ButtonE, Wheel, Joystick, AllButtons,
- Protected Attributes inherited from opencover::coVRIntersectionInteractor
osg::ref_ptr< osg::Node > geometryNode
 Geometry node. More...
< osg::MatrixTransform > 
< osg::MatrixTransform > 
< osg::MatrixTransform > 
osg::MatrixTransform * parent
char * _interactorName
char * labelStr_
bool _hit
bool _intersectionEnabled
bool _justHit
bool _wasHit
bool _standardHL
osg::Vec3 _hitPos
osg::Vec3 _interPos
osg::ref_ptr< osg::StateSet > _selectedHl
osg::ref_ptr< osg::StateSet > _intersectedHl
osg::ref_ptr< osg::StateSet > _oldHl
float _interSize
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coAction
std::string actionName
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coCombinedButtonInteraction
bool mouse
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coButtonInteraction
RunningState runningState
InteractionState oldState
int wheelCount
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coInteraction
std::string name
InteractionState state
InteractionType type
InteractionPriority priority
bool notifyOnly
bool hasPriorityFlag
bool registered
bool remoteLock
int remoteLockID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::coVR3DTransRotInteractor ( osg::Matrix  m,
float  s,
coInteraction::InteractionType  type,
const char *  iconName,
const char *  interactorName,
coInteraction::InteractionPriority  priority 
virtual opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::~coVR3DTransRotInteractor ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::createGeometry ( )
virtual void opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::doInteraction ( )
osg::Matrix opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::getMatrix ( )
virtual void opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::startInteraction ( )
virtual void opencover::coVR3DTransRotInteractor::updateTransform ( osg::Matrix  m)

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