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Module category: Interpolator


Some Readers provide results per-cell. Most COVISE modules expect per-vertex data. CellToVert interpolates per-cell data to per-vertex data.


CellToVert is available for all COVISE versions on all supported platforms


Name Type Description
algorithm Choice Algorithm to compute the data at the cell vertices. You have the choice between Sqare Weight and Simple.

Input Ports

Name Type Description
requiredgrid_in UnstructuredGrid
An unstructured grid/Polygons or a set of unstructured grids/polygons.
optionaldata_in Float
Vec3 Unstructured_V3D_Normals
Per-cell scalar or vector data.

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputdata_out Float
Interpolated scalar or vector data.


Figure: covise/net/examples/ReadKiva.net

CellToVert interpolates the per-cell data to per-vertex data because the module CuttingSurface needs per-vertex data.

For the corresponding Renderer output see ReadKiva

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
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