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Module category: IO


The module reads data sets written by KIVA.


Support for ReadKiva discontinued - use at your own risk.

SGI only - no LINUX support


Name Type Description
path Browser The basic data file location.
numt Scalar The desired number of timesteps.
skip Scalar The desired number of skipped timesteps. This parameter is optional and it's useful when you have a big number of timesteps and you want to skip some of them.
format Choice The format of the input data: double or float.
pfactor Scalar The desired factor for reducing the number of particles for each timestep.

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputmesh UnstructuredGrid the grid
outputvelocity Vec3 Velocity vector data
outputpressure Float Pressure scalar data
outputrho Float Density scalar data
outputvol Float Volume scalar data
outputtemperature Float Temperature scalar data
outputamu Float Viscuosity scalar data
outputtke Float Turbulence and kinetic energy scalar data
outputeps Float Epsilon scalar data
outputparticles Points The particles represented by points
outputpvelocity Vec3 Particle velocity vector data
outputptemperature Float Particle temperature scalar data


Figure: covise/net/examples/ReadKiva.net

The next images show the results in the Inventor Renderer of the data read by ReadKiva module and transformed by the other modules of the map. You can see (for different timesteps) the changes of vector fields, data on the plane and the isosurfaces.

Figure: Timestep 1

Figure: Timestep 3

Figure: Timestep 4

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
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