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opencover::coOnscreenDebug Class Reference

This class handles onscreen debugging output. More...

#include <coOnscreenDebug.h>

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Public Member Functions

void show ()
 show the debugging output More...
void hide ()
 hide the debugging output More...
void toggleVisibility ()
 toggle visibility More...
void redraw ()
 redraw the debugging output More...
void update ()
 update (does nothing) More...
void setText (const char *text)
 set the text of the label More...
ostringstream & out ()
void updateString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static coOnscreenDebuginstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 coOnscreenDebug ()
virtual ~coOnscreenDebug ()

Protected Attributes

bool visible
osg::ref_ptr< osgText::Text > text
osg::ref_ptr< osg::Geode > geode
osg::ref_ptr< osg::Camera > camera
ostringstream os

Static Protected Attributes

static coOnscreenDebugsingleton

Detailed Description

This class handles onscreen debugging output.

With this class you can print debugging messages on the screen. In a cave, every screen shows output which is local to it, so you can compare values for each screen.


#include <sstream> ... ostringstream& os = coOnscreenDebug::instance()->out(); os << "Hello World!" << std::endl; coOnscreenDebug::instance()->updateString()


The code above creates and initializes the debug label if necessary and returns a stringstream reference to which you can direct your information. When finished, you need to call updateString(), so the contents of the stringstream are flushed to the label.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coOnscreenDebug::coOnscreenDebug ( )
virtual opencover::coOnscreenDebug::~coOnscreenDebug ( )

Member Function Documentation

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::hide ( )

hide the debugging output

static coOnscreenDebug* opencover::coOnscreenDebug::instance ( )

retrieve the singleton instance of coOnscreenDebug

ostringstream& opencover::coOnscreenDebug::out ( )

retrieve the ostringstream for output

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::redraw ( )

redraw the debugging output

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::setText ( const char *  text)

set the text of the label

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::show ( )

show the debugging output

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::toggleVisibility ( )

toggle visibility

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::update ( )

update (does nothing)

void opencover::coOnscreenDebug::updateString ( )

flush the contents of the ostringstream to the internal text. This clears the ostringstream, so anything from the last updateString() is lost!

Member Data Documentation

osg::ref_ptr<osg::Camera> opencover::coOnscreenDebug::camera
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Geode> opencover::coOnscreenDebug::geode
ostringstream opencover::coOnscreenDebug::os
coOnscreenDebug* opencover::coOnscreenDebug::singleton
osg::ref_ptr<osgText::Text> opencover::coOnscreenDebug::text
bool opencover::coOnscreenDebug::visible

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