Parallel Programming Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to give people who already have some programming experience an introduction into the basics of parallel programming. The focus is on programming models, MPI and OpenMP. Language support is given for Fortran, C. The course was developed by HLRS, EPCC (MPI-1), NIC and ZHR (VAMPIR). Hands-on sessions will allow users to immediately test and understand what the basic constructs of MPI and OpenMP are meant to do. Message Passing with MPI is the major programming model on large distributed-memory systems in high-performance computing. OpenMP is dedicated to shared memory systems.

This RRZN workshop is part of a series of workshops in fall 2001. They are given with different focus:

Course RRZN: Sept. 12-14, Hannover, RRZN, MPI and OpenMP
HLRS-A: Sept. 17-21, Stuttgart, HLRS MPI and OpenMP for beginners and
advanced topics in parallel programming
(in German)
HLRS-B: Oct. 15-19, Stuttgart, HLRS MPI and OpenMP for beginners and
advanced topics in parallel programming
(in English)
HLRS-HPF: Oct. 12, Stuttgart, HLRS HPF for beginners (in German)
HLRS and other courses: see end of this page

The course language is German (except the course Oct. 15-19 at HLRS, which is in English). All slides and course materials are in English.

Location RRZN, Regionales Rechenzentrum für Niedersachsen, Schloßwender Str. 5, D-30159 Hannover, Seminarraum
Date 2001, Wednesday Sept. 12, 9:00 - Friday Sept. 14, 16:30,
Content MPI and OpenMP (70% for beginners, 30% advanced)
Agenda see link to detailed program
Language German
Teachers Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner, from HLRS,
Abstract (see above)
Prerequisites Unix / C or Fortran
Registration (see below)
Deadline is two weeks before the beginning of each course, late registration after the deadline is possible, but not recommended
Travel-Info (see below)
Hotel Reservation to be done directly at the hotel or via the tourist-agency, see Travel-Info below.
Limit maximum 30 participants
Handouts Each participant gets a copy of all slides, and the MPI 1.1 standard, an extract of the MPI-2 standard, and the OpenMP standard. You can get additional copies from the course chair and editor Rolf Rabenseifner. The MPI-1 part is based on the MPI course developed by the EPCC Training and Education Centre, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.
Registration fee Stuttgart: Members of German universities and public research institutes: none,
others: 200 DM (includes food and drink at coffee breaks)
Cancelation fee none

Responsible for content of the course:

Rolf Rabenseifner
Phone: 0711 685 5530

Local organizer in Hannover: Peter Endebrock, 0511 / 762 - 4666,
and Wilhelm Noack, 0511 / 762 - 4723,

and Accomodation

See RRZN-travel-info. The local organizer Peter Endebrock has reserved a few hotel rooms, please contact under or 0511 / 762 - 4666 (es ist EMO Messe - daher gibt es nur wenige freie Zimmer!).
See also city map service.

Registration deadline
two weeks before the beginning of the course (late registrations will be explicitely confirmed/refused by e-mail)

The course is intended primarily for members of the Nordverbund. Please contact one of the local organizers before registering if you fall into one of the other categories.
Members of universities and public research institutes in the Nordverbund (Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein): none,
other German universities and public research institutes: 450 DM
others: 900 DM
(includes food and drink at coffee breaks)

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Course:  RRZN, Hannover, Sept. 12-14, 2001 (MPI+OpenMP)
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