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Module category: Tools


ShowFaceNormal computes the normal of a polygon or a triangle strip.


ShowFaceNormal is available for COVISE snap-2001-02 and higher. It's available for all supported platforms.


This module has no parameters.

Input Ports

Name Type Description
requiredinPort Polygons
Surface consisting of polygons or triangle strips.

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputpoints Points The center of the polygon or the center of the first triangle of a triangle strip.
outputvectors Unstructured_V3D_Normals The normals of the polygon or the normal of the first triangle of a triangle strip.


Figure: covise/net/examples/ShowFaceNormal.net

In ShowFaceNormal.net the module GenDat computes some data. The module IsoSurface uses the data to compute a surface. This surface is drawn by the renderer and also given to ShowFaceNormal. ShowFaceNormal computes the centers of the polygons and their normals. The vector data is visualized by the module Vectorfield. The output of Vectorfield are lines which are the normals.


Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
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