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Module category: Obsolete


TetraVolume calculates the volume of each (tetrahedral) cell of a tetraheder grid. It is mainly used as preprocessor-module for the module TetraTrace.


Module TetraTrace is obsolete - kept for compatibility with 5.1 only, but support discontinued - use Tracer (new with 5.2) instead! So there should be no need to use TetraVolume for preprocessing any longer.




Input Ports

Name Type Description
requiredgridIn SetUnstructuredGrid Unstructured grid which must be build up of tetrahedrons.

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputvolOut SetFloat Scalar data containing the volume of each tetrahedron attached to each element of the grid.


The following map is taken from the COVISE tutorial (tutorial_vel_2.net (obsolete)). It shows the use of TetraVolume as a preprocessing module of TetraTrace.

Figure: covise/net/tutorial/tutorial_vel_2.net (obsolete)

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