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Module category: Mapper


Map colors to atoms

Available on all supported platforms.


Name Type Description
Methanol Vector Me1
Wasserstoff Vector H
Helium Vector He
Lithium Vector Li
Beryllium Vector Be
Bor Vector B
Kohlenstoff Vector C
Stickstoff Vector N
Sauerstoff Vector O
Fluor Vector F
Neon Vector Ne
Natrium Vector Na
Magnesium Vector Mg
Aluminium Vector Al
Silicium Vector Si
Phosphor Vector P
Schwefel Vector S
Chlor Vector Cl
Argon Vector Ar
Kalium Vector K
Calcium Vector Ca
Scandium Vector Sc
Titan Vector Ti
Vanadium Vector V
Chrom Vector Cr
Mangan Vector Mn
Eisen Vector Fe
Cobalt Vector Co
Nickel Vector Ni
Kupfer Vector Cu
Zink Vector Zn
Gallium Vector Ga
Germanium Vector Ge
Arsen Vector As
Solen Vector Se
Brom Vector Br
Krypton Vector Kr
Rubidum Vector Rb
Strontium Vector Sr
Yttrium Vector Y
Zirconium Vector Zr
Niob Vector Nb
Molybdaen Vector Mo
Technetium Vector Tc
Ruthenium Vector Ru
Rhodium Vector Rh
Palladium Vector Pd
Silber Vector Ag
Cadmium Vector Cd
Indium Vector In
Zinn Vector Sn
Antimon Vector Sb
Tellur Vector Te
Iod Vector I
Xenon Vector Xe
Caesium Vector Cs
Barium Vector Ba
Lanthan Vector La
Cer Vector Ce
Praseodym Vector Pr
Neodym Vector Nd
Promethium Vector Pm
Samarium Vector Sm
Europium Vector Eu
Gadolinium Vector Gd
Terbium Vector Tb
Dysprosium Vector Dy
Holmium Vector Ho
Erbium Vector Er
Thulium Vector Tm
Yb Vector Yb
Lu Vector Lu
Hf Vector Hf
Ta Vector Ta
W Vector W
Re Vector Re
Os Vector Os
Ir Vector Ir
Pt Vector Pt
Au Vector Au
Hg Vector Hg
Tl Vector Tl
Pb Vector Pb
Bi Vector Bi
Po Vector Po
At Vector At
Rn Vector Rn
Fr Vector Fr
Ra Vector Ra
Ac Vector Ac
Th Vector Th
Pa Vector Pa
U Vector U
Np Vector Np
Pu Vector Pu
Am Vector Am
Cm Vector Cm
Bk Vector Bk
Cf Vector Cf
Es Vector Es
Fm Vector Fm
Md Vector Md
No Vector No
Lr Vector Lr
Ku Vector Ku
Ha Vector Ha

Input Ports

Name Type(s) Description
Data Vec3
scalar data

Output Ports

Name Type(s) Description
colors RGBA_Data Data as colors

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
Copyright © 1993-2016 HLRS, 2004-2014 RRZK, 2005-2014 Visenso
COVISE Version 2016.3