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Module category: IO


This module reads volume data files and provides the scalar volume data on a uniform grid.

For more information about Volume Rendering see COVISE VR & CE User's Guide, Appendix "Volume Rendering in Covise"


Files of the following 3D volume data formats can be read:

DAT, RVF, and XVF files can be generated by the module WriteVolume.

The following 2D image file formats are supported to create volumes from sequences of slice images:

Please note that the reading algorithm is chosen according to the file name extension - rename your files accordingly.

For reading sequences of files you have to enter a printf(3) format string instead of the actual file name, the integer values from SequenceBegin to SequenceEnd-1 are used for generating the file names. E. g. if you want to read the files slice001.dcm, ..., slice123.dcm you would pass the format string slice%03d.dcm. Missing files in the sequence are skipped.

ReadVolume is available for COVISE version snap-2001-02 and higher.


Name Type Description
FilePath Browser Volume file (or printf format string for sequence)
SequenceBegin Scalar First file number in sequence
SequenceEnd Scalar Last file number in sequence
CustomSize Boolean Off: use size values from volume file, on: use size values from below
VolumeWidth Scalar Volume width
VolumeHeight Scalar Volume height
VolumeDepth Scalar Volume depth
ReadRaw Boolean Off: read data according to file format guessed from extension, on: read raw data as specified below
NumVoxelX Scalar Number of voxels in x direction (width)
NumVoxelY Scalar Number of voxels in y direction (height)
NumVoxelZ Scalar Number of voxels in z direction (slices)
BytePerChannel Scalar Byte per channel
NumberOfChannels Scalar Number of channels
HeaderSize Scalar Offset of raw volume data from file beginning

Output Ports

Name Type(s) Description
grid UniformGrid Grid for volume data
channel0 Float Scalar volume data channel 0
channel1 Float Scalar volume data channel 1
channel2 Float Scalar volume data channel 2
channel3 Float Scalar volume data channel 3
channel4 Float Scalar volume data channel 4
channel5 Float Scalar volume data channel 5
channel6 Float Scalar volume data channel 6
channel7 Float Scalar volume data channel 7



The figure above shows a map for reading a 57 x 57 x 95 voxels air flow simulation data set.

The last figure is a snapshot of the renderer. It shows the visualization of the air flow simulation.

(Don't forget to hit "Apply" in the ColorMap Editor Panel, otherwise you will see nothing in the Renderer window)

The above data set (lambda.rvf) is courtesy of Ulrich Rist, IAG, University of Stuttgart.


Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
Copyright © 1993-2016 HLRS, 2004-2014 RRZK, 2005-2014 Visenso
COVISE Version 2016.3