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Module category: IO


Reads stationary and instationary ANSYS Flotran Result files

Available on all supported platforms.


Name Type Description
rflFile Browser Flotran result file
datasetNum Slider Dataset number
numTimesteps Slider Number of timesteps to read
numSkip Scalar Number of timesteps to skip
dof_0 Choice DOF to read for output
dof_1 Choice DOF to read for output
dof_2 Choice DOF to read for output
dof_3 Choice DOF to read for output
dof_4 Choice DOF to read for output

Output Ports

Name Type(s) Description
unsgrid UnstructuredGrid unstructured Grid
data_0 Float
Data Output
data_1 Float
Data Output
data_2 Float
Data Output
data_3 Float
Data Output
data_4 Float
Data Output

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
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