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Module category: IO


GenDat creates a chunk of a regular grid. It generates meshes based on carthesian and cyclic coordinates.

GenDat is mainly used as a generator of test and reference data.


Gen Dat is available in all versions of COVISE.


Name Type Description
Coord_Type Choice
Select the kind of coordinates used. Uniform and Rectilinear chose carthesian coordinates which are distinguished according their metric (equidistant or arbitrary non-equidistant). Half_cycl and Full_cycle use zylindric coordinates with a polar angle in the range of [0... pi] for Half_cycle and [0... 2pi] for Full_cycle. Random creates a random mesh. The option Torus uses zylindric coordinates where the points corresponding to the minimum and maximum value of the z-coordinate are connected.
Coord_Representation Choice
This parameter is only effective for the carthesian systems. It determins the COVISE data structure which is used for output. If a Coord_type different from Uniform or Rectilinear is checked structured grid-data appears at the corresponding output-port.
Coord_Range Choice
Parameter which determins the extension of the generated grid. It selects the range for the generated cordinates (i.e. the unit).


Chose the function which is used to generate scalar data:


Ramps f(x,y,z) = mod3(x) + mod3(y) + mod3(z)
Random uniformly distributed random numbers
Pipe f(x,y,z) = sin(x)sin(y)

Orientation Choice
Chose the type of vector data attached to each point of the grid:


Colin hedge hog field fi(r) = ri, i=x,y,z
Opt3 eddy
Random random orientations
xSize Scalar
extension of grid in x-direction or (number of intersections of the x-interval [-1..1] -1) if Coord_Range -1..1 is chosen.
ySize Scalar see above
zSize Scalar see above
start Vector lower left point of the grid
end Vector upper right point of the grid
timestep Scalar not used in current version
color String sets the color attibute of the generated grid

Input Ports


Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputGrid UniformGrid
generated grid according to the Coord_Representation parameter
dependScalar Data Float generated scalar data according to the Function parameter
dependVector Data Vec3 generated vector data according to the Orientation parameter


The following COVISE-net generates a uniform grid and maps the function Sines to the surface of the grid.

Figure: GenDat.net

The ouput on the Open Inventor Renderer is shown in the next picture.

Figure: Renderer output of GenDat.net

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
Copyright © 1993-2016 HLRS, 2004-2014 RRZK, 2005-2014 Visenso
COVISE Version 2016.3