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Module category: Filter


CropUsg crops the parts of an unstructured grid which are outside of a bounding box.


CropUsg is available for all COVISE versions on all supported platforms.


Name Type Description
xMin, yMin, zMin Scalar xMin, yMin, zMin define one vertex of the bounding box
xMax, yMax, zMax Scalar xMax, yMax, zMax define the diagonal opposite vertex of the bounding box
invert_crop Boolean Determine if crop the inside-domain or the outside-domain of the box.

Input Ports

Name Type Description
requiredgridIn UnstructuredGrid
The unstructured grid, polygon mesh or points which should be cropped.
optionalvdata Vec3 The vector data on the unstructured grid which should be cropped. The data objects have to be vertex-based. If you have cell-based data (for example from ReadFluent) use the module CellToVert to convert the data objects.
Float To the ports sdata1 to sdata5 you can assign up to 5 scalar data objects on the unstructured grid which should be cropped. The data objects have to be vertex-based.
optionalparam_in Points Set the parameters by two points. You can e.g. read in a file with RW_ASCII in the following format:
	  #  xmin         ymin          zmin 
	  0.000000    -2000.000000  -2000.000000 
	  #  xmax         ymax          zmax   
	  2000.000000  2000.000000   2000.000000

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputgridOut UnstructuredGrid
The cropped unstructured grid, polygonal mesh or set of points.
dependvodata Vec3 The cropped vector data on the unstructured grid.
dependsodata1...sodata5 Float The cropped scalar data on the unstructured grid.
outputparam_out Points Current parameters as two points which can be saved with RW_ASCII and edited manually. See parameter param_in.

Example 1

Figure: covise/net/examples/CropUsg.net

The first RW_Covise modules reads in the computational grid of a channel with two inlets and the second reads in the pressure field. The bounding box parameters are [-2000.0 -0.5 -2000.0] for the first vertex and [2000.0 2000.0 2000.0] for the diagonal opposite vertex. The extension of the uncropped channel is from y=0.5 (inlet side) to y=-2 (outlet side). With the CropUsg module it is shortened thus it ends cropped at y=-0.5.


Example 2

The second example map shows you how to set the parameters by two points.

Figure: covise/net/examples/CropUsg_RWAscii.net

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
Copyright © 1993-2016 HLRS, 2004-2014 RRZK, 2005-2014 Visenso
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