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Module category: Converter


AssembleUsg converts blocks of unstructured grid( per timestep) to one unstructured grid( per timestep) without any block information. This module is created to use the module TetraTrace also for blocks of grids.


AssembleUsg is available for COVISE 5.0 and higher.


This module has no parameters.

Input Ports

Name Type Description
requiredGridIn UnstructuredGrid
Blocks of unstructured grids.
optionalDataIn Float
Data on the grids.

Output Ports

Name Type Description
outputGridOut UnstructuredGrid
Assembled grid.
dependDataOut Float
Assembled data.


Figure: covise/net/examples/AssembleUsg.net

We consider a typical example of using AssembleUsg. Our aim is to create particle traces. The Reader output are blocks of structured grids. We convert the structured grid into an unstructured one. This task is done by the module StoU. Then we use AssembleUsg to assemble all block of grids to one grid. This example is without timesteps so we really have only one grid. You should use FixUsg to delete unnecessary nodes before you start Tracer. Finally the module Sphere makes spheres out of your particles. The following image shows you particles at the end of the pipe.

Figure: Result in the Renderer

Authors: Martin Aumüller, Ruth Lang, Daniela Rainer, Jürgen Schulze-Döbold, Andreas Werner, Peter Wolf, Uwe Wössner
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