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covise::coStringTable Class Reference

#include <coStringTable.h>

Public Member Functions

 coStringTable ()
 default Constructor More...
void insert (int number, const char *str)
bool isElement (int x)
bool isElement (const char *str)
const char * operator[] (int x)
int operator[] (const char *str)

Private Attributes

std::map< const char *, int,
ltstr > * 
std::map< int, const char
*, ltint > * 

Detailed Description

a coStringTable object may have a string or an integer as index. You can either search for the integer and get the string or search for the string and get the integer. Examples: coStringTable sample; sample.insert(177, "foo");

gives foo cout << sample[177] << endl; gives 177 cout << sample["foo"] << endl;

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

coStringTable::coStringTable ( )

default Constructor

Member Function Documentation

void coStringTable::insert ( int  number,
const char *  str 

Insert a pair of integer/string

numberthe number belonging to the string
strthe string to be inserted
bool coStringTable::isElement ( int  x)

check whether an integer occurs in the table

xthe integer to be found
bool coStringTable::isElement ( const char *  str)

check whether a string occurs in the table

const char * coStringTable::operator[] ( int  x)

get the string belonging to the integer

xthe integer in question
the string belonging to the integer
int coStringTable::operator[] ( const char *  str)

get the integer belonging to the string


Member Data Documentation

std::map<int, const char *, ltint>* covise::coStringTable::ci_
std::map<const char *, int, ltstr>* covise::coStringTable::cs_

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