Virtual Reality based Visualization


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Author:Ulrich Lang

  1. Virtual Reality based Visualization
  2.     Outline of the presentation
  3.     The Virtual Environment Lab at HLRS
  4.     How does Visualization fit into Simulation based Problem Handling?
  5.     Why does the Role of HPC oriented Visualization increase?
  6.     Example: Increased Role of Post Processing in CFD Simulation
  7.     Characterization of a Virtual Prototype
  8.     Functionalities of a Virtual Prototyping Environment
  9.     COllaborative VIsualization and Simulation Environment
  10.     COVISE Architecture Characteristics (Single User Mode)
  11.     COVISE Processing Chains
  12.     COVISE Collaborative Working Extension
  13.     COVER, COVISE Virtual Environment Renderer
  14.     Steering of remote processes from the Virtual Environment
  15.     Virtual Prototyping: Controlling all steps in Virtual Environment
  16.     Testcases of EC Project VISiT (Virtual Intuitive Simulation Testbed)
  17.     Virtual Prototyping of Fluid Flow Simulation
  18.     Virtual Prototyping of a car cabin
  19.     Optimisation of a Water Power Plant in Nepal
  20.     Water Turbine assembly
  21.     Stator/Rotor Interaction in a Steam Turbine Stage
  22.     Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine

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