MPICH on the NEC SX-4

MPICH is not supported by HLRS nor by NEC on this host but it is made accessible by NEC and it is installed on our NEC SX-4, mainly for those applications that have problems with MPI/SX.

The directory /usr/local/mpich/lib/SX_4_float0/ch_lfshmem contains all shell scripts for compiling and executing MPI applications. In particular, there are the following scripts:

compile and link Fortran programs
compile and link C programs
execute an MPI application
For details of their usage, call either command with the option -help. It is recommended to use these scripts instead of the standard compile and link commands because the correct architecture options are set automatically.

mpif77 and mpicc automatically access the correct include directory for mpi.h and mpif.h.

/usr/local/mpich/lib/SX_4_float0/ch_lfshmem/mpif77 -o prog prog.f
/usr/local/mpich/lib/SX_4_float0/ch_lfshmem/mpicc -o prog prog.c
/usr/local/mpich/lib/SX_4_float0/ch_lfshmem/mpirun -np 2 prog