Message Passing Interface (MPI)

MPI stands for Message Passing Interface and is the standard for message passing as defined by the MPI-Forum.
Information about MPI at RUS and at HLRS
MPI services
  Userguidelines and hotline service for any questions about the MPI installations on the platforms noted below -> use links at the platforms.
  Automatic Counter Profiling on T3E with a Weekly Mail
  MPI Benchmark Service
Platforms at HWW (accessible via HLRS) on which MPI is available
  MPI on the CRAY T3E/512
  MPI on the NEC SX-4 and SX-5
  MPI on the Hitachi SR 8000
Platforms at HLRS on which MPI is available
  MPI on the Hitachi SR2201
  MPI on the intel Paragon
  MPT and MPICH on the SGI Onyx2 (Vision)
Platforms at URS/RUS on which MPI is available
  MPI on Common Ulm and Stuttgart Server (CUSS)
  MPI on the IBM RS/6000 SP
  MPI on Clusters of Workstations
  MPI on PCs under NT
MPI standard documents
  The MPI 1.1. standard document is available as (355757 bytes) or (506895 bytes) or mpi-11.pdf (957443 bytes, unofficial, bad font-handling)
  The MPI 2.0 standard document contains the standards MPI 1.2 and MPI 2.0: (595560 bytes) or (870935 bytes) or mpi-20.pdf (1574302 bytes)
The MPI Journal Of Development (JOD) contains proposals that have not been voted into the MPI 2.0 standard: (194480 bytes) or (273642 bytes) or mpi-20-jod.pdf (479171 bytes)
  Erratas to these documents you can find on the official MPI Documents page
Presentations, Lectures
  Parallel Programming Workshop - Online
      It includes all slides and full audio information.
  Iterative Gleichungssystemlöser und parallele Algorithmen
     (University Lübeck, Oct. 7-11)
  Parallel Programming Workshop, Fall 2002
     (HLRS Sep. 23-27)
  Parallel Programming Workshops, Spring 2002
     (HLRS Feb. 25 - Mar. 1, ZHR Mar. 20-22)
  Parallel Programming Workshops, Fall 2001
     (RRZN, Sep. 12-14, MPI+OpenMP,
      HLRS, Sep. 17-21, MPI+OpenMP+advanced topics,
      HLRS, Oct. 12, High Performance Fortran (HPF)
      HLRS, Oct. 15-19, MPI+OpenMP+advanced topics)
  Iterative Gleichungssystemlöser und parallele Algorithmen University Hamburg, Sep. 24-28,
     MPI and OpenMP course part by HLRS,
  Parallel Programming Workshops, Spring 2001
     (ZHR Feb.28 - Mar.2,
      HLRS for beginners March 6-9, HLRS in English March 12-16,
      LRZ March 21-23, NIC March 28-30, HLRS advanced April 2-6),
  Iterative Gleichungssystemlöser und parallele Algorithmen University Hamburg, Februar 19-23, 2001,
     MPI and OpenMP course part by HLRS,
  Parallel Programming Workshop, October 9-13, 2000, HLRS,
  MPI Programming Workshops, (NIC March 29-31, HLRS April 3-5 and April 5-7, ZHR April 10-12, 2000),
  MPI-2 Tutorial, ZHR, TU-Dresden, Oct 29th, 1999, handouts (same as on HLRS Review Workshop above).
  MPI Programming Workshop, ZHR, TU-Dresden, Oct, 27-29, 1999 (-> course material)
  HLRS Review Workshop, October 4-6, 1999: MPI-2 Tutorial on Oct. 6.
  MPI Programming Workshop A (June 8-9, 1999) and B (June 7+10+11, 1999) (-> course material)
  MPI Programming Workshop, ZHR, TU-Dresden, April 8-9, 1999
  Parallel Programming Workshop, Oct. 6-10, 1998 with Introduction to MPI
  Michael Resch: Message Passing Interface (MPI) / Performance Issues, Workshop Parallel Programming, Jan 27-30, 1998, (514502 bytes)
  Rolf Rabenseifner: MPI-2, Workshop Parallel Programming, Jan 27-30, 1998, (38642 bytes)
MPI projects at the HLRS
  Automatic Counter Profiling
  Effective Communication Bandwidth beff Benchmark
  Effective MPI File I/O Bandwidth beff_io Benchmark
  A New Optimized MPI Reduce Algorithm
  MPI Performance on Different Hardware Platforms
  Parallel I/O with MPI-2, e.g. on the T3E
  Running MPI under Windows NT
  Parallel CFD Test Case
  MARMOT tool for analysing and checking MPI-programs
  Projects of the Department for Parallel Computing
  MPI configure script to automatically detect features of MPI on many platforms
metacomputing projects
  The G-WAAT Project - Global Wide Area Application Testbed; a Metacomputing Project
  PACX - PArallel Computer eXtension; Extending MPI for Distributed Computing on Clusters of MPP-Systems
  MPI-GLUE - MPI-Interoperability between vendors' MPIs by a glue layer based on MPICH
  Albatross Wide Area Cluster Computing provides a list of metacomputing projects
  MetaMPICH - Flexible Coupling of Heterogenous MPI Systems at RWTH Aachen
General information about MPI on the Web
  MPI-Forum Home page of the MPI-Forum
  FAQ - What is MPI?
  About MPI (Mississippi State University)
  MPI - Index (Argonne National Laboratory)
  LAM - A freely available, portable implementation of MPI
  MPICH - A freely available, portable implementation of MPI
  Implementations - A list of available implementations of MPI
  MPI 1.1 - The standard MPI 1.1 as HTML
  MPI 2.0 - The new standards MPI 1.2 and MPI 2.0 as HTML
  All official MPI Standards' Documents
  Designing and Building Parallel Programs, by Ian Foster (german mirror, or ANL's original page)
  Introduction to MPI, part of the SP Parallel Programming Workshop of the Mauui High Performance Computing Center (mirrored by the Uni. of Karlsruhe)
  The MPI page for the SP2 of the Scientific Supercomputing Center Karlsruhe
Online courses on MPI
  Parallel Programming Workshop - Online from HLRS,
including introductions in MPI-1, MPI-2, OpenMP, HPF, and all slides and full audio information.
  WebCT-HPC, the web-based training site for High Performance Computing sponsored by the National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA) Partners for Advanced Computational Services.
  Courses on computational science and parallel programming from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) Training and Education Centre (including MPI-1, MPI-2, OpenMP)
  An MPI-course from the EPCC, including a tutorial in postscript, mirrored by the Uni. of Karlsruhe.
Other MPI related projects
  SKaMPI, Special Karlsruher MPI - Benchmark
  Interoperable Message Passing Interface (IMPI)
  Real-time MPI
  MPI language bindings for Java (JavaGrande, mpiJava, JavaMPI), Ada-95, COM
  The DARPA Data Reorganization Standard
  MPI on PC clusters  
Books about MPI
  Marc Snir et al., William Gropp et al.: MPI: The Complete Reference. (2-volume-set) The MIT Press, 1998. (further information via
Marc Snir, Steve Otto, Steven Huss-Lederman, David Walker, Jack Dongarra: The MPI core. Second edition. (excellent full reference of the MPI-1 functionality, extended by all related MPI 2.0 features)
William Gropp, Steven Huss-Lederman, Andrew Lumsdain, Ewing Lusk, Bill Nitzberg, William Saphir, Marc Snir:
The MPI-2 extensions. (excellent full reference of the MPI-2.0 functionality, that is not presented in Vol. 1)

  Peter S. Pacheco: Parallel Programming with MPI. Morgen Kaufmann Publishers, 1997. (very good introduction, can be used as accompanying text for MPI lectures, further information via

  Marc Snir, Steve Otto, Steven Huss-Lederman, Jack Dongarra: MPI: The Complete Reference. The MIT Press, 1996. (catching up of the standard MPI 1.1 in a readable form)

  William Gropp, Ewing Lusk and Anthony Skjellum: Using MPI: Portable Parallel Programming with the Message-Passing Interface. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 1994. (good introduction from some standard's authors, only MPI 1.0)  
Contact points at HLRS for MPI support
Rolf Rabenseifner, e-mail:, Tel. 0711/685-5530
Matthias Müller, e-mail:, Tel. 0711/685-8038

In case of problems using MPI on any of the platforms listed above or if you have any questions concerning MPI please send e-mail to: