Message Passing Interface (MPI)

MPI stands for Message Passing Interface and is the standard for message passing as defined by the MPI-Forum.

Printed MPI books
  HLRS is the publisher of the printed books of the MPI standard since MPI-2.1.
  MPI-2.1 as printed book (yellow).
  MPI-2.2 as printed book (orange).
  MPI-3.0 as printed book (green).
  MPI-3.1 as printed book (blue).

Poster at EuroMPI 2018
  Christoph Niethammer, Rolf Rabenseifner, "Topology aware Cartesian grid mapping with MPI"

Former MPI projects at the HLRS
  Effective Communication Bandwidth beff Benchmark
  Effective MPI File I/O Bandwidth beff_io Benchmark

Contact points at HLRS for MPI support
  Rolf Rabenseifner
  Christoph Niethammer