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Course 2013-ITER-G at LRZ, Garching

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Course ITER-G (Garching)
Location LRZ (Leibniz-Rechenzentrum), Neues LRZ Gebäude in Garching, Boltzmannstrasse 1, 85748 Garching
Date 2013, Monday Sep. 2, 8:30 - Friday Sep. 6, 15:30
Content Iterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization
Abstract The focus is on iterative and parallel solvers, the parallel programming models MPI and OpenMP, and the parallel middleware PETSc. Thereby, different modern Krylov Subspace Methods (CG, GMRES, BiCGSTAB ...) as well as highly efficient preconditioning techniques are presented in the context of real life applications. Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the basic constructs of iterative solvers, the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and the shared memory directives of OpenMP. This course provides scientific training in Computational Science, and in addition, the scientific exchange of the participants among themselves. It is organized by LRZ, HLRS, Uni. Kassel, SFB/TRR30, and IAG.
Agenda see link to detailed program and official course page at LRZ
Language German
Teachers Prof. Dr. Andreas Meister from Uni. Kassel, and Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner from HLRS
Registration Registration is closed (because the course is full).
You can still register for the waiting queue via the online registration form
Please take the automated confirmation email only for a reply that you are on the waiting queue!
Deadline for registration is Aug. 4, 2013
Fee Students without Diploma/Master: 40 EUR
Students with Diploma/Master (PhD students) at German universities: 80 EUR
Members of German universities and public research institutes: 80 EUR
Members of other universities and public research institutes: 120 EUR
Others: 400 EUR
(includes food and drink at coffee breaks, will be collected on the first day of the course, cash only)
Prerequisites Wednesday+Thursday+Friday: Basics of linear algebra
Monday+Tuesday+Friday: Unix / C or Fortran
Flyer Not yet available
Social Events Am ersten Abend planen wir ein gemeinsames Abendessen in den Bürgerstuben in Garching.
Am Mittwoch ist ein Ausflug in Münchens City vorgesehen, inklusive Bummel durch den Englischen Garten und Bayrischer Brotzeit in einem der alt-ehrwürdigen Münchner Gaststätten. Herr Prof. Meister wird voraussichtlich ebenfalls daran teilnehmen.
Am Donnerstag ist eine Besichtigung des LRZ geplant.
Die Social Events sind auf Selbstkostenbasis, also nicht in den Kursgebüren enthalten.
Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie daran teilnehmen möchten.
The course will be in the new building in Garching, see LRZ-travel-info.
Hotels siehe hier. Bitte direkt beim Hotel frühzeitig buchen (wegen gleichzeitiger Messen in München).
Local Organizer Matthias Brehm, phone 089 35831 8773,
Pictures from 2007E while practicals - at LRZ, Sep 17, 2007 while practicals - at LRZ, Sep 17, 2007 Lecturer: Rolf Rabenseifner - at LRZ, Sep 18, 2007 Lecturer: Andreas Meister - at LRZ, Sep 19, 2007 Lecturer: Bernd Fischer - at LRZ, Sep 20, 2007
Cancelation policy If you cannot come to the course, please send an email to the organizer as soon as possible. This would allow us to accept additional participants from the waiting-list. There is no cancelation fee.
NO-SHOW: Registered persons that do not cancel and do not show up without any reasons are blocked for the next year on any of our workshops (because it is to expensive to produce unused copies of the slides for them).
Limit maximum of 42 participants in Stuttgart and Kassel, 35 in Dresden and Aachen, 34 in Garching, 26 in Jülich, 20 an der TUHH (according to the seats in the rooms).
Handouts Each participant will get a paper copy of all slides.
The MPI-1 part of the course is based on the MPI course developed by the EPCC Training and Education Centre, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.
If you want, you may also buy copies of the standards MPI-3.0 (Hardcover, 17 Euro) and OpenMP 3.1 (about 8 Euro).
Most material of the course (including the audio information) can also be viewed in the ONLINE Parallel Programming Workshop.

Organizer of the HLRS courses:

Gabi Kallenberger and Rolf Rabenseifner
Phone: 0711 685 -65828 and -65530
E-mail: kallenberger / rabenseifner (at)

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