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MPI Programming Workshop

Message Passing with MPI is the major programming model on large distributed-memory systems in high-performance computing.

The aim of this workshop is to give people an insight into the programming of parallel machines by MPI. The workshop is split into two parts. During the first part (three half-days) an introduction to MPI-1 will be given. Hands-on sessions will allow users to immediately test and understand what the basic constructs of MPI are meant to do. The second part (two half-days) will be dedicated to more sophisticated techniques of programming in MPI-1 and MPI-2.

This 2½ day course is given four times at three locations:

The course language is German (except the course April 5-7 at HLRS, which is in English). All slides and course materials are in English.


Course A Location NIC, Forschungszentrum Jülich, entrance E1 of ZAM, D-52425 Jülich
Date 2000, Wednesday March 29, 13:00 - Friday March 31, 16:30
Language German
Registered currently 16 participants (until March, 12)
Course B Location HLRS, Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart (RUS), Allmandring 30, D-70550 Stuttgart
Date 2000, Monday April 3, 9:00 - Wednesday April 5, 12:30
Language German
Registered currently 25 participants (until March, 12)
Course C Location HLRS, Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart (RUS), Allmandring 30, D-70550 Stuttgart
Date 2000, Wednesday April 5, 13:00 - Friday April 7, 16:30
Language English
Registered currently 12 participants (until March, 12)
Course D Location ZHR, Zellescher Weg 12, Willers-Bau A 220, D-01062 Dresden -> travel-info,
Date 2000, Monday April 10, 9:00 - Wednesday April 12, 16:30
Language German
Registered currently 24 participants (until March, 12)
Abstract (see above)
Program (see below)
Prerequisites Unix / C or Fortran
Registration (see below, deadline March 8, 2000, late registration after the deadline possible)
Travel-Info (see below)
Hotel Reservation to be done directly at the hotel or via the tourist-agency, see Travel-Info below.
Limit maximum 27 participants, each course
Handouts each participant gets a copy of all slides, the MPI 1.1 standard and the MPI-2 File I/O chapter
Registration fee Members of German universities and public research institutes: none,
others: 200 DM

Responsible for the course and local organizer in Stuttgart:

Rolf Rabenseifner
Phone: 0711 685 5530

Local organizer in Jülich: Norbert Attig, phone 02461 61 4416,
Local organizer in Dresden: Claudia Schmidt, phone 0351 463 4274,

The program is divided into 5 half-days:

  1. half-day-block: Parallel Programming

    • Introduction (Talk)
    • Parallel Programming Models (Talk)
    • MPI - Getting started (Talk)
    • MPI Programs (Talk and Practical Session)
    • What's in a message? (Talk)

  2. half-day-block: MPI Message Passing

    • Point-to-Point Communication (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Non-Blocking Communication (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Derived Datatypes (Talk and Practical Session)

  3. half-day-block: MPI collective and more sophisticated constructs

    • Virtual Topologies (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Collective Communication (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Other MPI-1 features and MPI-2 overview

  4. half-day-block: MPI File I/O and optimization hints

    • Parallel File I/O with MPI-2 (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Optimization of MPI Applications
      • Overview and Introduction (Talk)
      • MPI Performance Studies (Talk)

  5. half-day-block: Application example and profiling tools

    • Optimization of MPI Applications (continued)
      • a CFD example (Talk and Practical Session)
      • Counter-based Profiling (Talk)
      • Trace-based VAMPIR Profiling (Talk and Practical Session)
    • Access to the federal high-performance computing-centers

The course materials are handed out to all participants. You can get additional copies from the course chair and editor Rolf Rabenseifner. Here you can get all course material on the WEB. The MPI-1 part is based on the MPI course developed by the EPCC Training and Education Centre, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.

and Accomodation

How to get to the Forschungszentrum Jülich and detailed map and then, how to get to the ZAM. The next railway station is named "Jülich Süd" or "Jülich Forschungsz." (same station, old and new name). [Bitte fragen Sie den Zugführer, dass er die Fahrbereitschaft des Forschungszentrums verständigt. Dann werden Sie in "Jülich Süd" abgeholt. Pass oder Personalausweis sind an der Pforte erforderlich.]
Accomodation: Official hotel list of Jülich, a bus shuttle will be organized between NIC and Hotel "Am Hexenturm" (picture) in the evening and morning, other destinations on inquiry at local organizer.

See HLRS-travel-info, The next railway stations are: "Stuttgart Uni" (S-Bahn station, 20 min on foot) and "Lauchhau, Stuttgart" (Bus station, 4 min on foot to HLRS, bus lines 84, 92, 746, 747, 748, but not 82! from S-Bahn station "Stuttgart Uni" and bus line 81 from S-Bahn station "Stuttgart-Vaihingen").
Accomodation: see travel-info and hotels, the Telekom Bildungszentrum Südwest is the closest to the HLRS (20 min. on foot, reservation not possible before Jan. 15).

See ZHR-travel-info. The next bus station is "Fritz-Foerster-Platz, Dresden" (4 min on foot).
Accomodation: Close to the ZHR (15 min on foot) you find the guest house "Gästehaus Am Weberplatz" of the Dresden University of Technology, early reservation is recommended. The next bus station is "Weberplatz, Dresden" (map).

Deadline: March 8, 2000 (late registrations will be explicitely confirmed/refused by e-mail)
The max. number of participants for the practical sessions is 25.
Registration fee: Members of German universities and public research institutes: none, others: 200 DM

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