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string_util.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "coExport.h"
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UTILEXPORT std::string strip (const std::string &str)
UTILEXPORT std::string strip (const char *ch)
UTILEXPORT std::string replace (const std::string &where, const char *what, const char *with, int times=1)
UTILEXPORT int isIntNumber (const std::string &str)
UTILEXPORT std::vector
< std::string
split (const std::string &str, char delimiter= ' ')
UTILEXPORT std::string toLower (const std::string &str)

Function Documentation

UTILEXPORT int isIntNumber ( const std::string str)
UTILEXPORT std::string replace ( const std::string where,
const char *  what,
const char *  with,
int  times = 1 
UTILEXPORT std::vector<std::string> split ( const std::string str,
char  delimiter = ' ' 
UTILEXPORT std::string strip ( const std::string str)
UTILEXPORT std::string strip ( const char *  ch)
UTILEXPORT std::string toLower ( const std::string str)