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IsoSurfaceGPMUtil.h File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cassert>
#include <do/Triangulate.h>
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struct  covise::S_V_DATA
struct  covise::EDGE_VECTOR
struct  covise::TRIANGLE
struct  covise::CONTOUR


 list of all chemical elements


typedef std::vector
typedef std::vector< TRIANGLE > covise::TESSELATION
typedef std::vector< int > covise::CONNECTIVITY_VECTOR
typedef std::vector< int > covise::POLYGON
typedef std::vector< int > covise::PROCESSED_ELEMENTS
typedef std::vector< int >
typedef std::vector< int >


float covise::dot_product (EDGE_VECTOR vector1, EDGE_VECTOR vector2)
EDGE_VECTOR covise::cross_product (EDGE_VECTOR vector1, EDGE_VECTOR vector2)
double covise::vec_length (EDGE_VECTOR &vector)
ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION covise::VertexInterpolate (float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, float isovalue, float data1, float data2, int v1, int v2)
bool covise::test_intersection (ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR &intsec_vector, ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION &intsec, float *x_coord_in, float *y_coord_in, float *z_coord_in, bool &improper_topology)
float covise::map_to_isosurface (float coord_x1, float coord_x2, float coord_y1, float coord_y2, float coord_z1, float coord_z2, float coord_isox, float coord_isoy, float coord_isoz, float data_1, float data_2, bool int_vertex1, bool int_vertex2)
ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR covise::calculate_intersections (int num_elem_in, int *elem_in, int num_conn_in, int *conn_in, float *x_coord_in, float *y_coord_in, float *z_coord_in, float *isodata_in, float isovalue, float *sdata_in, float *udata_in, float *vdata_in, float *wdata_in, bool isomap, bool &improper_topology)
int covise::assign_int_index (ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR intsec_vector, int edge_vertex1, int edge_vertex2)
bool covise::find_intersection (ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR intsec_vector, int &edge_vertex1, int &edge_vertex2, float *x_coord_in, float *y_coord_in, float *z_coord_in, bool improper_topology, int &int_index)
void covise::find_current_face (CONTOUR &contour, ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR intsec_vector, int &edge_vertex1, int &edge_vertex2, float &data_vertex1, float &data_vertex2, float *isodata_in, int *elem_in, int *conn_in, int *index_list, int *polygon_list, int num_coord_in, int num_conn_in, int num_elem_in, int &ring_counter, int &current_face, float *x_coord_in, float *y_coord_in, float *z_coord_in, bool improper_topology, bool &abort_tracing_isocontour)
void covise::generate_isocontour (ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR intsec_vector, float data_vertex1, float data_vertex2, int edge_vertex1, int edge_vertex2, int &new_edge_vertex1, int &new_edge_vertex2, int *elem_in, int *conn_in, float isovalue, int num_elem_in, int num_conn_in, int current_face, float *x_coord_in, float *y_coord_in, float *z_coord_in, bool improper_topology, bool &abort_tracing_isocontour, CONTOUR contour, int num_of_rings, int ring_end)
void covise::generate_tesselation (TESSELATION &triangulation, CONTOUR contour, ISOSURFACE_EDGE_INTERSECTION_VECTOR intsec_vector)