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covise::File16::Header2 Struct Reference

#include <File16.h>

Public Attributes

int mxtb
int lturbi
int lturbp
int setadd
int nsens
int npart
float scale8
int maxcp
int loc180
int mver
int maxscl
int istype
int mxstb
int numcp
int ioptbc
int lturbf
int lturbt
int maxcrs
int pbtol
float keysd [6]

Member Data Documentation

int covise::File16::Header2::ioptbc
int covise::File16::Header2::istype
float covise::File16::Header2::keysd[6]
int covise::File16::Header2::loc180
int covise::File16::Header2::lturbf
int covise::File16::Header2::lturbi
int covise::File16::Header2::lturbp
int covise::File16::Header2::lturbt
int covise::File16::Header2::maxcp
int covise::File16::Header2::maxcrs
int covise::File16::Header2::maxscl
int covise::File16::Header2::mver
int covise::File16::Header2::mxstb
int covise::File16::Header2::mxtb
int covise::File16::Header2::npart
int covise::File16::Header2::nsens
int covise::File16::Header2::numcp
int covise::File16::Header2::pbtol
float covise::File16::Header2::scale8
int covise::File16::Header2::setadd

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