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covise::DataManagerConnection Class Reference

#include <covise_connect.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DataManagerConnection (Host *hp, int pp, int my_id, int st)
 DataManagerConnection (int pp, int my_id, int st)
 ~DataManagerConnection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::ClientConnection
 ClientConnection (Host *, int, int, int, int retries=20, double timeout=0.0)
 ~ClientConnection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::Connection
 Connection ()
 Connection (int sfd)
virtual ~Connection ()
SocketgetSocket ()
void set_peer (int id, int type)
int get_peer_id ()
int get_peer_type ()
int is_connected ()
virtual int receive (void *buf, unsigned nbyte)
virtual int send (const void *buf, unsigned nbyte)
virtual int recv_msg (Message *msg)
virtual int recv_msg_fast (Message *msg)
virtual int send_msg (const Message *msg)
virtual int send_msg_fast (const Message *msg)
int check_for_input (float time=0.0)
int get_port ()
void set_hostid (int id)
int get_hostid ()
int get_sendertype ()
int get_id (void(*remove_func)(int))
int get_sender_id ()
void close ()
void close_inform ()
int has_message ()
void print ()
Hostget_host ()
const char * get_hostname ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from covise::Connection
char convert_to
- Protected Member Functions inherited from covise::Connection
int get_id ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from covise::Connection
class Socketsock
int port
int sender_id
int send_type
int peer_id_
int peer_type_
int message_to_do
int bytes_to_process
unsigned long tru
char * read_buf
int hostid
void(* remove_socket )(int)
int * header_int

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

covise::DataManagerConnection::DataManagerConnection ( Host hp,
int  pp,
int  my_id,
int  st 
covise::DataManagerConnection::DataManagerConnection ( int  pp,
int  my_id,
int  st 
covise::DataManagerConnection::~DataManagerConnection ( )

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