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covise::coDoMat3 Class Reference

#include <coDoData.h>

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Public Types

enum  { X = 0, Y = 1, Z = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 coDoMat3 (const coObjInfo &info)
 coDoMat3 (const coObjInfo &info, coShmArray *arr)
 coDoMat3 (const coObjInfo &info, int no, float *r_c)
 coDoMat3 (const coObjInfo &info, int no)
coDoAbstractDatacloneType (const coObjInfo &info, int no) const
void getPointValue (int no, float *m) const
void cloneValue (int dstIdx, const coDoAbstractData *src, int srcIdx)
void setNullValue (int dstIdx)
void getAddress (float **ref) const
float * getAddress () const
int setSize (int numElem)
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::coDoAbstractData
 coDoAbstractData (const coObjInfo &info, const char *t)
virtual int getNumPoints () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::coDistributedObject
void getShmLocation (int &shmSegNo, shmSizeType &offset) const
 Get my location in shared memory. More...
void addAttribute (const char *, const char *)
 Attach an attribute to an object. More...
void addAttributes (int, const char *const *, const char *const *)
 Attach multiple attributes to an object. More...
const char * getAttribute (const char *) const
 get one attribute More...
int getNumAttributes () const
 get number of attributes More...
int getAllAttributes (const char ***name, const char ***content) const
 get all attributes More...
void copyAllAttributes (const coDistributedObject *src)
 copy all attributes from src to this object More...
char * getName () const
 get the object's name More...
const char * getType () const
 get the object's type More...
int isType (const char *reqType) const
 check whether this is a certain type More...
bool objectOk () const
 check whether object was created or received ok More...
 coDistributedObject ()
 coDistributedObject (const coObjInfo &info)
 coDistributedObject (const coObjInfo &info, const char *t)
 coDistributedObject (const coObjInfo &info, int shmSeg, shmSizeType offs, char *t)
virtual ~coDistributedObject ()
coDistributedObjectclone (const coObjInfo &newinfo) const
void copyObjInfo (coObjInfo *info) const
const coDistributedObjectcreateUnknown () const
int * store_header (int, int, int, int *, data_type *, long *, int **)
int restore_header (int **, int, int *, int *, shmSizeType *)
void init_header (int *, int *, int, data_type **, long **)
int update_shared_dl (int count, covise_data_list *dl)
int store_shared_dl (int count, covise_data_list *dl)
int restore_shared_dl (int count, covise_data_list *dl)
void setType (const char *, const char *)
int getObjectInfo (coDoInfo **) const
int get_type_no () const
int access (access_type)
int destroy ()
char * object_on_hosts () const
int incRefCount () const
int decRefCount () const
int getRefCount () const
void print () const
void getObjectFromShm ()
 Common function for all read-Constructors: More...
bool checkObject () const
 Check object: return true if valid, false if not. More...

Protected Member Functions

int rebuildFromShm ()
int getObjInfo (int, coDoInfo **) const
coDoMat3cloneObject (const coObjInfo &newinfo) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from covise::coDistributedObject
int getShmArray () const
int createFromShm (coShmArray *arr)
bool checkObj (int shmSegNo, shmSizeType shmOffs, bool &printed) const
 Check object in shared memory. More...

Static Private Member Functions

static coDistributedObjectvirtualCtor (coShmArray *arr)

Private Attributes

coFloatShmArray references


class coDoInitializer

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from covise::coDistributedObject
static const coDistributedObjectcreateFromShm (const coObjInfo &newinfo)
static const coDistributedObjectcreateUnknown (coShmArray *)
static const coDistributedObjectcreateUnknown (int seg, shmSizeType offs)
static int calcType (const char *)
static char * calcTypeString (int)
static int set_vconstr (const char *, coDistributedObject *(*)(coShmArray *))
- Protected Attributes inherited from covise::coDoAbstractData
coIntShm no_of_points
- Protected Attributes inherited from covise::coDistributedObject
coIntShm version
coIntShm refcount
char type_name [7]
int type_no
char * name
int loc_version
bool new_ok
int size
char * attribs

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

covise::coDoMat3::coDoMat3 ( const coObjInfo info)
coDoMat3::coDoMat3 ( const coObjInfo info,
coShmArray arr 
coDoMat3::coDoMat3 ( const coObjInfo info,
int  no,
float *  r_c 
coDoMat3::coDoMat3 ( const coObjInfo info,
int  no 

Member Function Documentation

coDoMat3 * coDoMat3::cloneObject ( const coObjInfo newinfo) const
coDoAbstractData* covise::coDoMat3::cloneType ( const coObjInfo info,
int  no 
) const
void covise::coDoMat3::cloneValue ( int  dstIdx,
const coDoAbstractData src,
int  srcIdx 
void covise::coDoMat3::getAddress ( float **  ref) const
float* covise::coDoMat3::getAddress ( ) const
int coDoMat3::getObjInfo ( int  no,
coDoInfo **  il 
) const

Reimplemented from covise::coDistributedObject.

void covise::coDoMat3::getPointValue ( int  no,
float *  m 
) const
int coDoMat3::rebuildFromShm ( )
void covise::coDoMat3::setNullValue ( int  dstIdx)
int coDoMat3::setSize ( int  numElem)

set new values for sizes: only DECREASING is allowed

0 if ok, -1 on error
numElemNew size of element list
numConnNew size of connectivity list
numCoordNew size of coordinale list
coDistributedObject * coDoMat3::virtualCtor ( coShmArray arr)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class coDoInitializer

Member Data Documentation

coFloatShmArray covise::coDoMat3::references

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