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covise::coConfigXercesEntry Class Reference

#include <coConfigXercesEntry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 coConfigXercesEntry ()
virtual ~coConfigXercesEntry ()
xercesc::DOMNode * storeToDom (xercesc::DOMDocument &document, int indent=2)
virtual coConfigEntryclone () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::coConfigEntry
 coConfigEntry ()
virtual ~coConfigEntry ()
coConfigEntryStringList getScopeList (QString scope)
coConfigEntryStringList getVariableList (QString scope)
coConfigEntryString getValue (const QString &variable, QString scope)
const char * getEntry (const char *variable)
bool setValue (const QString &variable, const QString &value, const QString &section)
void addValue (const QString &variable, const QString &value, const QString &section)
bool deleteValue (const QString &variable, const QString &section)
bool deleteSection (const QString &section)
bool hasValues () const
const QString & getPath () const
QString getName () const
const char * getCName () const
const QString & getConfigName () const
bool isList () const
bool hasChildren () const
void setReadOnly (bool ro)
bool isReadOnly () const
coConfigSchemaInfosgetSchemaInfos ()
void setSchemaInfos (coConfigSchemaInfos *infos)
void entryChanged ()
virtual void merge (const coConfigEntry *with)
- Public Member Functions inherited from covise::Subject< coConfigEntry >
 Subject ()
virtual ~Subject ()
void attach (Observer< coConfigEntry > &observer)
void notify ()

Static Public Member Functions

static coConfigEntryrestoreFromDom (xercesc::DOMElement *node, const QString &configName)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from covise::coConfigEntry
static QString & cleanName (QString &name)

Protected Member Functions

 coConfigXercesEntry (const coConfigXercesEntry *source)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from covise::coConfigEntry
 coConfigEntry (const coConfigEntry *entry)
void setPath (const QString &path)
void makeSection (const QString &section)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

coConfigXercesEntry::coConfigXercesEntry ( )
coConfigXercesEntry::~coConfigXercesEntry ( )
coConfigXercesEntry::coConfigXercesEntry ( const coConfigXercesEntry source)

Member Function Documentation

coConfigEntry * coConfigXercesEntry::clone ( ) const

Implements covise::coConfigEntry.

coConfigEntry * coConfigXercesEntry::restoreFromDom ( xercesc::DOMElement *  node,
const QString &  configName 
xercesc::DOMNode * coConfigXercesEntry::storeToDom ( xercesc::DOMDocument &  document,
int  indent = 2 

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