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covise::coBoundingBox Class Reference

#include <coBoundingBox.h>

Public Member Functions

void calcBB (const coDistributedObject *obj, float min[3], float max[3], bool translate=false)
coDoLinescreateBox (const coObjInfo &objectName, float ox, float oy, float oz, float size_x, float size_y, float size_z)

Member Function Documentation

void coBoundingBox::calcBB ( const coDistributedObject obj,
float  min[3],
float  max[3],
bool  translate = false 
coDoLines * coBoundingBox::createBox ( const coObjInfo objectName,
float  ox,
float  oy,
float  oz,
float  size_x,
float  size_y,
float  size_z 

creates the outer lines of a box with the origin(ox,oy,oz) and the sizes (size_x, size_y, size_z)

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