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opencover::coVRLabel Class Reference

#include <coVRLabel.h>

Public Member Functions

 coVRLabel (const char *name, float fontsize, float lineLen, osg::Vec4 fgcolor, osg::Vec4 bgcolor)
 ~coVRLabel ()
void reAttachTo (osg::Group *anchor)
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void setPosition (const osg::Vec3 &pos)
void setPositionInScene (const osg::Vec3 &pos)
void keepDistanceFromCamera (bool enable, float distanceFromCamera=50.0f)
void setRotMode (coBillboard::RotationMode mode)
void setLineLen (float lineLen)
void setString (const char *name)
void setFGColor (osg::Vec4 fgc)
void show ()
void hide ()
void showLine ()
void hideLine ()
void update ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coVRLabel::coVRLabel ( const char *  name,
float  fontsize,
float  lineLen,
osg::Vec4  fgcolor,
osg::Vec4  bgcolor 
opencover::coVRLabel::~coVRLabel ( )

Member Function Documentation

void opencover::coVRLabel::hide ( )
void opencover::coVRLabel::hideLine ( )
void opencover::coVRLabel::keepDistanceFromCamera ( bool  enable,
float  distanceFromCamera = 50.0f 
void opencover::coVRLabel::reAttachTo ( osg::Group *  anchor)



void opencover::coVRLabel::setFGColor ( osg::Vec4  fgc)
void opencover::coVRLabel::setLineLen ( float  lineLen)
void opencover::coVRLabel::setPosition ( const osg::Vec3 &  pos)
void opencover::coVRLabel::setPositionInScene ( const osg::Vec3 &  pos)
void opencover::coVRLabel::setRotMode ( coBillboard::RotationMode  mode)
void opencover::coVRLabel::setString ( const char *  name)
void opencover::coVRLabel::show ( )
void opencover::coVRLabel::showLine ( )
void opencover::coVRLabel::update ( )

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