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opencover::coVRFileManager Class Reference

#include <coVRFileManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

const char * findFileExt (const char *filename)
const char * getName (const char *file)
osg::Node * loadFile (const char *file, coTUIFileBrowserButton *fb=NULL, osg::Group *parent=NULL, const char *covise_key="")
osg::Node * replaceFile (const char *file, coTUIFileBrowserButton *fb=NULL, osg::Group *parent=NULL, const char *covise_key="")
void reloadFile ()
void unloadFile ()
osg::Node * getLastModelNode ()
void setViewPointFile (const std::string &viewPointFile)
std::string getViewPointFile ()
osg::Node * loadIcon (const char *filename)
std::string getFontFile (const char *fontname)
osg::ref_ptr< osgText::Font > loadFont (const char *fontname)
osg::Texture2D * loadTexture (const char *texture)
bool fileExist (const char *fileName)
const char * buildFileName (const char *)
int registerFileHandler (const FileHandler *handler)
int registerFileHandler (coVRIOReader *handler)
int unregisterFileHandler (const FileHandler *handler)
int unregisterFileHandler (coVRIOReader *handler)
std::string getFilterList ()
const FileHandlergetFileHandler (const char *extension)
coVRIOReaderfindIOHandler (const char *extension)
const FileHandlerfindFileHandler (const char *extension)
coTUIFileBrowserButtongetMatchingFileBrowserInstance (std::string keyFileName)
bool IsDefFBSet ()
void SetDefaultFB (coTUIFileBrowserButton *fb)
virtual bool update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coUpdateable
 coUpdateable ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~coUpdateable ()
 Destructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static coVRFileManagerinstance ()

Member Function Documentation

const char* opencover::coVRFileManager::buildFileName ( const char *  )
bool opencover::coVRFileManager::fileExist ( const char *  fileName)
const char* opencover::coVRFileManager::findFileExt ( const char *  filename)
const FileHandler* opencover::coVRFileManager::findFileHandler ( const char *  extension)
coVRIOReader* opencover::coVRFileManager::findIOHandler ( const char *  extension)
const FileHandler* opencover::coVRFileManager::getFileHandler ( const char *  extension)
std::string opencover::coVRFileManager::getFilterList ( )
std::string opencover::coVRFileManager::getFontFile ( const char *  fontname)
osg::Node* opencover::coVRFileManager::getLastModelNode ( )
coTUIFileBrowserButton* opencover::coVRFileManager::getMatchingFileBrowserInstance ( std::string  keyFileName)
const char* opencover::coVRFileManager::getName ( const char *  file)
std::string opencover::coVRFileManager::getViewPointFile ( )
static coVRFileManager* opencover::coVRFileManager::instance ( )
bool opencover::coVRFileManager::IsDefFBSet ( )
osg::Node* opencover::coVRFileManager::loadFile ( const char *  file,
coTUIFileBrowserButton fb = NULL,
osg::Group *  parent = NULL,
const char *  covise_key = "" 
osg::ref_ptr<osgText::Font> opencover::coVRFileManager::loadFont ( const char *  fontname)
osg::Node* opencover::coVRFileManager::loadIcon ( const char *  filename)
osg::Texture2D* opencover::coVRFileManager::loadTexture ( const char *  texture)
int opencover::coVRFileManager::registerFileHandler ( const FileHandler handler)
int opencover::coVRFileManager::registerFileHandler ( coVRIOReader handler)
void opencover::coVRFileManager::reloadFile ( )
osg::Node* opencover::coVRFileManager::replaceFile ( const char *  file,
coTUIFileBrowserButton fb = NULL,
osg::Group *  parent = NULL,
const char *  covise_key = "" 
void opencover::coVRFileManager::SetDefaultFB ( coTUIFileBrowserButton fb)
void opencover::coVRFileManager::setViewPointFile ( const std::string &  viewPointFile)
void opencover::coVRFileManager::unloadFile ( )
int opencover::coVRFileManager::unregisterFileHandler ( const FileHandler handler)
int opencover::coVRFileManager::unregisterFileHandler ( coVRIOReader handler)
virtual bool opencover::coVRFileManager::update ( )

this method is called once per frame as long as it returns true. as soon as it returns false, it is removed from the update manager and not called again. the update method is called prior to preFrame();

Implements vrui::coUpdateable.

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