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opencover::coVRDePee Class Reference

#include <coVRDePee.h>

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Public Member Functions

 coVRDePee (osg::Group *parent, osg::Node *subgraph, unsigned width=100, unsigned height=100)
 ~coVRDePee ()
bool updateHUDText ()
void setSketchy (bool sketchy)
void setCrayon (bool crayon)
void setColored (bool colored)
void setEdgy (bool edgy)
void setSketchiness (double sketchiness)
void setFPS (double *fps)
bool addcoVRDePeePass ()
bool remcoVRDePeePass ()

Detailed Description

The coVRDePee class is main class for setting up and managing depth peeling. A coVRDePee object can be seen as a virtual node, that has one parent and one child. The rendering of every child and subchil of this child is managed by the the coVRDePee node. Besides that, it handles a head up display.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coVRDePee::coVRDePee ( osg::Group *  parent,
osg::Node *  subgraph,
unsigned  width = 100,
unsigned  height = 100 

The constructor is initialized by giving it a parent and child node (subgraph), as well as the width and height in pixels of the output window. Additionally a subgraph can be added whose children aren't depth peeled but combined with de depth peeled scene

opencover::coVRDePee::~coVRDePee ( )

Takes care of clean removal of coVRDePee

Member Function Documentation

bool opencover::coVRDePee::addcoVRDePeePass ( )

Add a depth peeling pass and adjust the render passes accordingly

bool opencover::coVRDePee::remcoVRDePeePass ( )

Remove a depth peeling pass and adjust the render passes accordingly

void opencover::coVRDePee::setColored ( bool  colored)

Sets whether color display is activated or deactivated

void opencover::coVRDePee::setCrayon ( bool  crayon)

If sketchiness is enabled, sets whether a crayon should be used

void opencover::coVRDePee::setEdgy ( bool  edgy)

Sets whether edges are displayed or not

void opencover::coVRDePee::setFPS ( double *  fps)

Set the pointer to the double variable containing the current fps for displaying it on the head up display

void opencover::coVRDePee::setSketchiness ( double  sketchiness)

Sets how sketchy lines and colors should be displayed (standard is 1.0)

void opencover::coVRDePee::setSketchy ( bool  sketchy)

Sets whether sketchiness is activated or deactivated

bool opencover::coVRDePee::updateHUDText ( )

The head up display shows information like internal status and current frames per second. This function needs to be called in the rendering loop to keep the information updated.

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