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vrui::coProgressBar Class Reference

#include <coProgressBar.h>

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Public Types

enum  Style { Default = 0xFF, Empty = 0x00, Integer = 0x01, Float = 0x02 }
- Public Types inherited from vrui::coAction
enum  Result { ACTION_DONE = 0x00, ACTION_CALL_ON_MISS = 0x01, ACTION_UNDEF = 0x02 }
- Public Types inherited from vrui::coUIContainer
enum  { CENTER = 0, MIN, MAX, BOTH }
 Alignment specification for children. More...
- Public Types inherited from vrui::coUIElement
enum  Material {
 Color definitions, to be used whenever a material is needed. More...
enum  {

Public Member Functions

 coProgressBar ()
virtual ~coProgressBar ()
void setProgress (float progress)
void setProgress (int progress)
float getProgress () const
void setStyle (Style style)
Style getStyle () const
virtual void resizeToParent (float x, float y, float z, bool shrink)
virtual const char * getClassName () const
 get the Element's classname More...
virtual bool isOfClassName (const char *) const
 check if the Element or any ancestor is this classname More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coPanel
 coPanel (coPanelGeometry *geom)
virtual ~coPanel ()
virtual int hit (vruiHit *hit)
virtual void miss ()
void resize ()
virtual void addElement (coUIElement *element)
 Appends a child to this container. More...
void hide (coUIElement *element)
void show (coUIElement *element)
virtual void showElement (coUIElement *element)
 Adds the specified element to the scenegraph. More...
void setPos (float x, float y, float z=0.0f)
virtual float getWidth () const
 Returns element width. More...
virtual float getHeight () const
 Returns element height. More...
virtual float getXpos () const
 Returns element x position. More...
virtual float getYpos () const
 Returns element y position. More...
virtual float getZpos () const
virtual void setScale (float s)
virtual vruiTransformNodegetDCS ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coAction
 coAction ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~coAction ()
 Destructor. More...
void setFrame (unsigned int frame)
 INTERNAL set the framecounter (used to produce the miss call) More...
unsigned int getFrame () const
 INTERNAL get the framecounter (used to produce the miss call) More...
void setNode (vruiNode *)
 INTERNAL set the node this action belongs to. More...
void addChild (coAction *)
 INTERNAL add a child action. More...
virtual int hitAll (vruiHit *hit)
 INTERNAL same as miss/hit, but do it for all children as well. More...
virtual void missAll ()
 INTERNAL same as miss/hit, but do it for all children as well. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coUIContainer
 coUIContainer ()
virtual ~coUIContainer ()
virtual void setEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setHighlighted (bool highlighted)
virtual void shrinkToMin ()
 Set element location in space. More...
virtual void removeElement (coUIElement *element)
 Removes a child from this container. More...
virtual void removeLastElement ()
 Removes a child from this container. More...
void setXAlignment (int a)
 set the alignment in X direction of the children More...
void setYAlignment (int a)
 set the alignment in Y direction of the children More...
void setZAlignment (int a)
 set the alignment in Z direction of the children More...
float getMaxH () const
 maximum size in H direction More...
float getMaxW () const
 maximum size in W direction More...
float getMaxD () const
 maximum size in D direction More...
float getSumH () const
 sum of sizes in H direction More...
float getSumW () const
 sum of sizes in W direction More...
float getSumD () const
 sum of sizes in D direction More...
int getSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coUIElement
 coUIElement ()
virtual ~coUIElement ()
virtual void createGeometry ()
virtual void setParent (coUIContainer *)
virtual coUIContainergetParent ()
virtual void setVisible (bool visible)
virtual bool isEnabled () const
virtual bool isHighlighted () const
virtual bool isVisible () const
virtual float getDepth () const
virtual void childResized (bool shrink=true)
virtual void setSize (float, float, float)
virtual void setSize (float)
virtual float getResizePref ()
virtual void setUserData (coUIUserData *)
virtual coUIUserDatagetUserData () const
virtual vruiUIElementProvidergetUIElementProvider () const
virtual void setAttachment (int)
 sets the attachment border More...
virtual int getAttachment () const
 returns the attachment border More...
void setUniqueName (const char *)
const char * getUniqueName () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from vrui::coUIContainer
enum vrui::coUIContainer:: { ... }  alignments
 Alignment specification for children. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from vrui::coUIElement
enum vrui::coUIElement:: { ... }  Attachments
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vrui::coUIContainer
virtual void resizeGeometry ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vrui::coUIElement
virtual const vruiMatrixgetTransformMatrix ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coPanel
 Transformation of the panel geometry. More...
 Children origin. More...
float scale
 scale factor, scales all children More...
float myX
 Panel position X. More...
float myY
 Panel position Y. More...
float myZ
 Panel position Z. More...
float myWidth
 Panel width. More...
float myHeight
 Panel height. More...
float contentWidth
 Content width. More...
float contentHeight
 Content height. More...
 Panel geometry. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coAction
std::string actionName
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coUIContainer
int xAlignment
 alignment on children in X direction More...
int yAlignment
 alignment on children in Y direction More...
int zAlignment
 alignment on children in Z direction More...
std::list< coUIElement * > elements
 List of children elements. More...
float prefWidth
 try to get That high/wide if possible More...
float prefHeight
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coUIElement
float xScaleFactor
 UI element x axis scale factor. More...
float yScaleFactor
 UI element y axis scale factor. More...
float zScaleFactor
 UI element z axis scale factor. More...
bool enabled
 true if UI element is enabled, false if UI element cannot be used More...
bool highlighted
 true if highlighted More...
bool visible
 true if UI element is visible, false if not visible but still present in scene tree More...

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vrui::coProgressBar::coProgressBar ( )
virtual vrui::coProgressBar::~coProgressBar ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* vrui::coProgressBar::getClassName ( ) const

get the Element's classname

Reimplemented from vrui::coPanel.

float vrui::coProgressBar::getProgress ( ) const
Style vrui::coProgressBar::getStyle ( ) const
virtual bool vrui::coProgressBar::isOfClassName ( const char *  ) const

check if the Element or any ancestor is this classname

Reimplemented from vrui::coPanel.

virtual void vrui::coProgressBar::resizeToParent ( float  x,
float  y,
float  z,
bool  shrink 

Reimplemented from vrui::coUIContainer.

void vrui::coProgressBar::setProgress ( float  progress)
void vrui::coProgressBar::setProgress ( int  progress)
void vrui::coProgressBar::setStyle ( Style  style)

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