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opencover::coPointerButton Class Reference

#include <cover/coVRPluginSupport.h>

Public Member Functions

 coPointerButton (const std::string &name)
 ~coPointerButton ()
unsigned int getState ()
unsigned int oldState ()
unsigned int wasPressed (unsigned int buttonMask=vrui::vruiButtons::ALL_BUTTONS)
 buttons pressed since last frame More...
unsigned int wasReleased (unsigned int buttonMask=vrui::vruiButtons::ALL_BUTTONS)
 buttons released since last frame More...
bool notPressed ()
 is no button pressed More...
int getWheel ()
 accumulated number of wheel events More...
void setWheel (int)
 set number wheel events More...
const std::string & name () const
 button name More...


class coVRPluginSupport
class coVRMSController

Detailed Description

Access to buttons and wheel of interaction devices

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

opencover::coPointerButton::coPointerButton ( const std::string &  name)
opencover::coPointerButton::~coPointerButton ( )

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int opencover::coPointerButton::getState ( )

button state

button press mask
int opencover::coPointerButton::getWheel ( )

accumulated number of wheel events

const std::string& opencover::coPointerButton::name ( ) const

button name

bool opencover::coPointerButton::notPressed ( )

is no button pressed

unsigned int opencover::coPointerButton::oldState ( )

previous button state

old button state
void opencover::coPointerButton::setWheel ( int  )

set number wheel events

unsigned int opencover::coPointerButton::wasPressed ( unsigned int  buttonMask = vrui::vruiButtons::ALL_BUTTONS)

buttons pressed since last frame

unsigned int opencover::coPointerButton::wasReleased ( unsigned int  buttonMask = vrui::vruiButtons::ALL_BUTTONS)

buttons released since last frame

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class coVRMSController
friend class coVRPluginSupport

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