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vrui::coFlatButtonGeometry Class Reference

#include <coFlatButtonGeometry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 coFlatButtonGeometry (const std::string &name="UI/haken")
virtual ~coFlatButtonGeometry ()
virtual const char * getClassName () const
 get the Element's classname More...
virtual bool isOfClassName (const char *) const
 check if the Element or any ancestor is this classname More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrui::coButtonGeometry
 coButtonGeometry (const std::string &texture)
virtual ~coButtonGeometry ()
virtual float getWidth () const
 get width of this geometry More...
virtual float getHeight () const
 Switch the shown geometry. More...
virtual void switchGeometry (ActiveGeometry active)
virtual const std::string & getTextureName () const
virtual void createGeometry ()
virtual void resizeGeometry ()
virtual vruiTransformNodegetDCS ()
virtual vruiButtonProvidergetButtonProvider () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from vrui::coButtonGeometry
enum  ActiveGeometry {
- Protected Attributes inherited from vrui::coButtonGeometry
std::string texture
 name of the texture file More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vrui::coFlatButtonGeometry::coFlatButtonGeometry ( const std::string &  name = "UI/haken")
virtual vrui::coFlatButtonGeometry::~coFlatButtonGeometry ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* vrui::coFlatButtonGeometry::getClassName ( ) const

get the Element's classname

Reimplemented from vrui::coButtonGeometry.

virtual bool vrui::coFlatButtonGeometry::isOfClassName ( const char *  ) const

check if the Element or any ancestor is this classname

Reimplemented from vrui::coButtonGeometry.

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